We want children to enjoy the journey. We have developed our curriculum by studying, learning and understanding the best possible coaching and training methods. We constantly evolve and develop to adapt to the children’s needs and we train with the future in mind. Have fun, play with freedom and enjoy your Journey with us.


  • We want children to start their journey with a smile and have fun.
  • We want players to develop their sense of belonging and pride towards The Academy.
  • We want players to feel our values and have a chance to play without pressure, and understand the game through their eyes.
  • We want players to have an opportunity to have structured and unstructured practice.
  • We want players to develop a love for the game.
  • We want children to Learn to Play
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  • We want players to understand how learning can help them when playing.
  • We want players to see the game in different ways.
  • We want them to experience different types of games, scenarios and moments.
  • We want players to learn how to solve problems with our support whilst playing.
  • We want players to learn to play as an individual.
  • We want children to understand how to learn, through play.
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  • We want players to learn to skill and technique.
  • We want players to have a rounded development with opportunity to improve holistically.
  • We want players develop their decision-making skills.
  • We want players to train without fear of failure.
  • We want children to develop learning behaviours through play.
  • We want players to be technical and skilful
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  • We want to understand the roles of different positions.
  • We want players to be effective with and without the ball.
  • We want players to have freedom to play in a position that excites them.
  • We want to help them get better and the things they do during matches.
  • We want players play in match specific scenarios during training.
  • We want players to tell us how they want to play.
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  • We want to provide tailored and personalised development.
  • We want help players become better in their position.
  • We want children to be exposed to a variety of game like practices.
  • We want players to explore the role they play during training.
  • We want to develop a matchwinner skill set.
  • We want players to become unique.
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