Our Values

We want all children to feel a part of a bigger community, reaching beyond their own team and age group.

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Be Hardworking

Be Ambitious

Be Humble

Be Honest

Be Respectful

Be Unique

believe academy of football icon


Our Logo expresses our core values and represents what is important to us.
Our logo was designed with the Bee at the forefront, showing our identity and sharing our message. The Bee represents the hard work we all have to do to be successful and a reminder for us to always stay humble. We want to show them how important it is to be hardworking for themselves and the team. At The Academy we want our values to become their values.

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Giving all players an opportunity

The Academy is here to give players the opportunity to join something unique. We have developed our philosophy by understanding what type of environment the players need in order to improve beyond their potential.


We want the journey to accommodate all of their needs and establish a connection with each family as we believe this will allow us to have a bigger impact in the long-term player development. Our logo is a constant reminder of what is important to us.

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The Academy wants all children to BELIEVE

Creating skilled, honest, technical and creative footballers is not our only focus. Your child will develop a brilliant work ethic, a passion and love for football and feel a sense of belonging during their journey with The Academy.

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